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Your Mouth Affects Your Health

The mouth is the window to the health of your body. Did you know that good dental health goes far beyond your mouth. Maintaining your pearly whites can affect your overall health. Poor oral health has been linked to some serious health issues including heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, unstable blood glucose levels in diabetes patients, some cancers and even death.

"The Best Way to Find Yourself
Is to Lose Yourself In The Service of Others"

Mahatma Gandhi

2022 Dental Clinic Dates

Fluoride Application - Ghana

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Toy Drive - Ghana



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Global Foundation for Dental Healthcare and Awareness, Inc. has a mission to educate underserved populations on the mouth & body connections and provide free medical and dental treatment to reduce oral and overall health disparities around the world.

Many are not aware of the connection between oral and overall health; dentistry is often one of the most overlooked areas in healthcare. Individuals around the world are in desperate need of our services.

Our vision is to transform the lives of underserved populations by bridging the gap with free medical and dental care to individuals without care.

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