Global Foundation for Dental & Mental Healthcare and Awareness, Inc. (GFDHA) was Founded by Felicia Williams, a Registered Dental Hygienist. Mrs. Williams grew up in the South, Cairo, Georgia.

As a hobby, Mrs. Williams is super passionate about “Giving Back”; she enjoys educating others on the importance of oral hygiene and how to obtain and maintain optimal oral and overall health…she has a special passion for working with and teaching underserved populations.

Mrs. Williams started her mission in 2015 after losing a dear relative in 2013 to neglected oral care.  Bacteria from an abscessed tooth spread to her brain which caused her to enter into a comma for 43 days which she never recovered.  She was one of the many American’s that relied on emergency room visits for dental pain relief; after being prescribed antibiotics on frequent emergency room visits for oral infections, the lack of money and access to dental care caused her early death.  Her tooth could have easily been treated with a root canal or an extraction.

In 2016, GFDHA partnered with Homeless Shelters, Title I Public Schools and Long-Term Care Facilitates providing FREE dental care in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our mission is to EDUCATE underserved populations on the Mouth & body connections and provide free medical and dental treatment to reduce oral and overall health disparities around the world.